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1965 - 1966 Photo Gallery

The Power 1966

- Rich Stewart - winner of the 1966 CHSAA NY Sectional Indoor Championship 880y Run in 2:01.4

1966-01-30 Composite

1965 CHSAA Cross Country Varsity City Champions In the bottom row wearing their dress sweats are the 1965 CHSAA Cross Country Champs: Chancey Marsh, Gordon Jackson, Rich O’Brien, and Garth McKay. In the top row Al Novell, Rich Stewart and Mario Campo are flanked by hurdlers Marty Nevrla on the left with Manny Yanez and Ewald Green on the right.


2nd Place - 1965 CHSAA Junior Varsity Cross Country City Championships Front - Joaquin Gonzalez, Desmond O'Hanlon, Peter Lovett, Richard Bollbach Back - Wakefield Mahon, John Mulligan, Bob Spaulding (also back row, far right is frequent JV "A" teammate Thomas Aitken)

1965-11-30 Daily_News_Tue__Nov_30__1965_

Co-founders of the NY Relays: John Mulligan, Tom Murtha, Joe Fox and Harold Beale

1966_YrBk_FSE_Pg 146 Pic 02
1965-10-31 composite 2

1965 CHSAA Cross Country NY Sectional Championships recap

1966_YrBk_FSE_Aitken Thomas_B

Marty Nevrla and Head Coach Mr. John Mulligan NY Daily News 04/07/1966

1966-04-07 NY Daily News Power Memorial Out For 3 Carnival Titles_GarthMcKay1

NYU Meet Daily News Oct-07-1965

1966_YrBk_FSE_De Jesus Antonio

Purple & Gold Winter 1966

1966_YrBk_FSE_Gebren Michael S
1966_YrBk_FSE_Pg 135 Pic 01

Gordon Jackson (bending), Mario Campos, Al Novell, Rich Stewart, John Mulligan, Garth McKay, Chancy Marsh, Rich O'Brien

1966_YrBk_FSE_Glynn Henry J
1965-11-07 composite 2
1966_YrBk_FSE_Pg 146 Pic 01
1966_YrBk_FSE_Heaney Eugene J
1966_YrBk_FSE_Pg 147 Pic 01
1966_YrBk_FSE_Mahon Wakefield R
1966_YrBk_FSE_Pg 147 Pic 02
1966-01-30 NY Sectionals Track_maybe NY Post
1966_YrBk_FSE_Mulligan John P
1965-11-30 Daily_News_Tue__Nov_30__1965_
1966_YrBk_FSE_Pg 148 Pic 01

1965 CHSAA Freshman Country Championship Race Pete McCann, Tom McGoldrick, John Lovett, Pete Woods, Andy Walsh, Kevin Bulger, Ken Rosaly

Purple & Gold circa February-March 1966

1966_YrBk_FSE_Nevrla Martin J
1966_YrBk_FSE_Pg 148 Pic 02b
1966_YrBk_FSE_Novell Albert R
1966_YrBk_FSE_Pg 148 Pic 03
1966_YrBk_FSE_Reilly John G
1966_YrBk_FSE_Pg 149 Pic 01
1966_YrBk_FSE_Ryan Robert S
1966_YrBk_FSE_Pg 149 Pic 02

R. Spaulding and (Al Novell?)

1966_YrBk_FSE_Spaulding Rober composite
1965 Postal Nationals 5x2

From 1957 through the 1970s after the cross country season the USTF held a nationwide competition: Teams of five runners would run two miles on a track. Results were mailed to Track & Field News who collated results, ranking teams and individuals.

1965 Postal Nationals 2x5

In 1963, Power alum Ed Duchini ('61) paired with Georgetown teammate John Reilly (Mt. St. Michael '59) to earn a spot on the all-time list for the Open two man x five mile relay (2x5)

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