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1970 - 1971 Timesheets

Cross Country



Cross Country Schedule 1970

Time Trial #1 Sep-02-1970


Time Trial #2 Sep-10-1970

Time Trial #3 Sep-19-1970

a 1970-09-26 Bear Mtn

Bear Mountain Sep-26-1970

NYU Meet & Sophomore Championships Oct-03-1970

Iona & Sunken Meadow Meets Oct-10-1970

Manhattan Boro Championship Oct-13-1970

St Johns Oct-17-1970

Eastern States Oct-24-1970

NY Sectional Championships Oct-31-1970

City Championships Nov-07-1970

Polar Bear Meet Dec-13-1970

Loughlin Game Dec-19-1970

Relay Carnival Dec-28-1970

Knights of Columbus Feb-06-1971

NYU Meet Feb-13-1971 Armory Development Feb-19-1971

NY Sectional Championships Feb-15-1971 Olympic Invitational Feb-19-1971

1971-03-06 Mayor's Meet

Mayor's Meet Mar-06-1971

1971-04-16 to 1971-04-18

Queens-Iona & Mt. St. Michael's 1971-04-16 thru 1971-04-18


NY Relays Apr-30-1971 May-01-1971

City Championships May-31-1971 PSAL Coaches Relays Jun-01-1971

1970-1971 Summary (pg 1)

1970-1971 Summary (pg 2)

Summer Bulletin Jun-29-1971

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