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1959 - 1960 Photo Gallery

Power 1960


1960 Penn Relays Distance Medley Champions Mike Radov (880), Alex Winogradoff (440), John Doran (3/4 mile) and Ed Duchini (mile) never trailed in their Championship of America race. The team is pictured here with coach Mr. John Mulligan and Br. Killea.

Ed Duchini anchors the Power Memorial Distance Medley Relay at the 1960 Penn Relays. The team posted a sparkling time of 10:31.3, establishing a meet record.

News1960-05-01 NY Times Power Memorial V
1960_YB_TRK_PG001b PIC01
1960_YB_TRK_PG001b PIC02
1960_YB_TRK_PG003b PIC01
1960_YrBk_FSE_Doran John
1960_YB_TRK_PG003b PIC03
1960_YB_TRK_PG003b PIC02
1960_YB_TRK_PG003b PIC04
1960_YrBk_FSE_Radov Mike
1960_YB_TRK_PG003b PIC05
1960_YB_TRK_PG003b PIC06
1960_YB_TRK_PG004b PIC01
1960_YB_TRK_PG004b PIC02
1960_YB_TRK_PG004b PIC03
1960_YrBk_FSE_Laurenzano Vincent
1960_YB_TRK_PG004b PIC04
News1960-05-31 CompositeH
1960_YrBk_FSE_Benedetti Joseph
1960_YB_TRK_PG004b PIC05
1960_YB_TRK_PG006 PIC01
1960_YB_TRK_PG006 PIC02b
1960_YrBk_FSE_Diglio Vincent
1960_YB_TRK_PG006 PIC03
1960_YB_TRK_PG006 PIC04
1960_YrBk_FSE_Kessler Robert
1960_YB_TRK_PG006 PIC05
1960_YB_TRK_PG006 PIC06
1960_YrBk_FSE_Winogradoff Alex
1960_YB_TRK_PG007 PIC01
1960_YB_TRK_PG007 PIC02
1960_YB_TRK_PG007 PIC03
1960_YB_TRK_PG007 PIC04
1960_YB_TRK_PG007 PIC05
1960_YB_TRK_PG007 PIC06
1960_YB_TRK_PG009 PIC01
1960-04-24 NY Times Queens-Iona Relays S
1960_YB_TRK_PG009 PIC02
1960_YB_TRK_PG010 PIC01
1960-05 TFN_Composite

National Prep Rankings Distance Medley Track & Field News May 1960

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