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1960 - 1961 Photo Gallery

Power 1961

1961-07 Track and Field News Composite

Ed Duchini Track & Field News July 1961

1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg 142a Pic 01
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg 142a Pic 02
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg 142a Pic 03
1961_YrBk_FSE_Alomar Hector - Copy
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg 142a Pic 04
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg 142a Pic 05
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg 143a Pic 01
1961_YrBk_FSE_Dean Daniel - Copy
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg 143a Pic 02

Freshman Art McCarthy ICB & Manhattan Boro CHSAA Cross Country Champion 1960

1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg 143a Pic 03
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg 143a Pic 04
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg 143a Pic 05
1961_YrBk_FSE_Dill Robert - Copy

1960 Track & Field Team



1960 Manhattan Cross Country Champs

Team trophies for winning the Manhattan CHSAA Cross Country Meet were awarded by Thomas Shanahan to Brother Killelea and Art McCarthy. Captain Bob Imbergamo along with Ed Duchini look on. In addition to Power capturing both the Varsity & Freshman Team Championships, they also had the individual race winners: Senior Ed Duchini & Freshman Art McCarthy.


Ten Mile Relay

1961_YrBk_FSE_DiPierro Cosmus - Copy
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg141c Pic 01

Start of 1960 ICB X-C Meet

1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg141c Pic 02

Rich Dugan

1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg141c Pic 03

Ed Duchini Van Cortland Park 1960

1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg141c Pic 04

Ted Gahan 1960 ICB Meet Van Cortland Park

1961_YrBk_FSE_Donaghy Joseph - Copy
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg141c Pic 02-04

Dugan, Duchini & Gahan 1960 Van Cortland Park

1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg141c Pic 05

Varsity Harriers

Varsity Harriers

1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg144a Pic 01

Cosimus DiPierro

1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg144a Pic 02

Henry DuJany racing at Mt. St. Michael

1961_YrBk_FSE_Dooley John - Copy
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg144a Pic 03

Joe Niola

1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg144a Pic 01-03
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg144a Pic 04
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg144a Pic 05
1961_YrBk_FSE_Duchini Edoardo - Copy
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg144a Pic 06
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg145 Pic01
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg145 Pic02
1961_YrBk_FSE_Imbergamo Robert - Copy
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg145 Pic03
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg145 Pic04
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg145 Pic05

Frosh Indoor Track & Field Team

1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg146 Pic01
1961_YrBk_FSE_Rochford James - Copy
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg146 Pic02
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg146 Pic03
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg146 Pic04
1961_YrBk_FSE_Sokalsky - Copy
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg146 Pic05
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg146 Pic06
1961_YrBk_FSE_Tuohy Thomas - Copy
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg147a Pic01
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg147a Pic02
1961_YrBk_FSE_Walsh Michael - Copy
1961_YrBk_FSE_Pg147a Pic03
1961-07_TFN_Duchini Eastern States 880y Run

Marty Ferko & Ed Duchini 1961 Eastern States Championship 880y Run from Track & Field News July 1961


National Prep Rankings Track & Field News July 1961

1961-07 Track and Field News GWI

Golden West Invitational recap Track & Field News July 1961

Results of 2nd Annual Golden West Invitational Los Angeles State College June 17, 1961

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