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1971 - 1972 Photo Gallery

Power 1972

Eastern States Mile June 7, 1972

Three Season Certificate of Award 1971-1972

Tom Cullen's 1972 Varsity Track Jacket courtesy Tom Cullen

1971 Private Schools JV "A" Champion Tom Cullen Manning Solon photo courtesy Tom Cullen

Br. Bielen, Br. Fragala, & Sean Lynch Bear Mt 1971 all Bear Mt photos courtesy of Tom Cullen 01

TC_CVD477b_SEP 1971

Matt Centrowitz with Tony Fiorentino and Pat Rafferty Bear Mt 1971 02

TC_CVD468_Sep 1971

Bear Mt 1971 03

TC_CVD478b_SEP 1971

Matt Centrowitz Bear Mt 1971 04

TC_CVD476c_SEP 1971

Bear Mt 1971 05

Borges Richard S
TC_CVD473b_SEP 1971

Bear Mt 1971 06

TC_CVD389b_SEP 1971

Br. Bielen and Br. Fragala Bear Mt 1971 07

TC_CVD467b_SEP 1971

Tony Fiorentino Bear Mt 1971 08

TC_CVD487b_SEP 1972

Br. Bielen Bear Mt 1971 09

TC_CVD474_SEP 1971

Pat Rafferty (standing), Tony Fiorentino (sitting) Bear Mt 1971 10

TC_CVD471_SEP 1971

Matt Centrowitz Bear Mt 1971 11

TC_CVD472_SEP 1971

Bear Mt 1971 12

TC_CVD315b_SEP 1971c

And their off... Bear Mountain Sep-25-1971 13


Br. Bielen pensively awaits his runners return from the hills at Bear Mt. 1971 14

Clark Arthur M
TC_CVD317c_SEP 1971

Pat Rafferty Bear Mountain 1971 15

TC_CVD324c_SEP 1971

Tony Fiorentino Bear Mt 1971 17

Bobby Shewmaker Bear Mt 1971 18

TC_CVD328b_SeP 1971

Thomas Horan Bear Mt. 1971 19

TC_CVD322_SEP 1971

Tom Cully Bear Mt. 1971 16

TC_CVD461_SEP 1971

Bear Mt 1971 20

TC_CVD401B_SEP 1971

Happy faces means good races. Benny Greaux, Thom Powers, Tom Cully, Matt Centrowitz, Pat Rafferty Bear Mt 1971 21

TC_CVD482b_SEP 1971

Bear Mt 1971 22

Albertus Magnus Meet Bear Mountain 1971 23

Cullen Thomas E
TC_CVD479cb_Sep 1971

Benny Greaux & Tom Horan Bear Mt 1971 24

22 1971 XC Varsity Groupb

Matt Centrowitz, Pat Rafferty, Anthony Fiorentino, Bill Palladini (partially obscured), Bobby Shewmaker, Arthur Stolba (obscured),Tom Horan Fall 1971

Bielen John G 1972_YrBk_FSE_023

Jeff Snaggs, Pat Rafferty, Matt Centrowitz & Br. Bielen 1971 courtesy Tom Cullen

Copy of Scan10133

1971 JV City Champs Standing: Br. John Bielen, Dan Tonery, Tom Horan, Ed Jennings, Robert Giraud Kneeling: Brian Johnston, Tom Cullen, Tom Cully

Br. Bielen with his runners 1971 courtesy Tom Cullen

Copy of Scan10064

Cross Country Time Trial Van Cortland Park 1972

Copy of Scan10234

Greg Little US Olympic Invitational Madison Square Garden 1972

Eastern States Championships October 23, 1971 Matt Centrowitz, Gordon Oliver (Bethesda Chevy Chase High School) & Steve Thatcher (Westfield). Gordon Oliver ran the 5th fastest time ever at VCP to win the race in 12:34.2. During the outdoor season Oliver won the 1972 Penn Relays High School Boys One Mile Championship with a 4:08.7 clocking. Thatcher received "all-state" recognition in NJ)

Fiorentino Anthony D
Gourdin Derek M
cc1972_83854392-SLD-001-0020_Centrowitz Bear Mtb
cd1972_83854392-SLD-001-0009 Centrowitzb
Greaux Benny A
e1972_83854392-SLD-001-0007 Horan-Cully-Centro-Rafferty-Fiorentino-Paladin-Shewmakerb
Horan Thomas
gb1972_83854392-SLD-001-0004 Centrwitzb
Kenny Brian T
TC_CVD026b_NOV 1971

Run, Rest, Repeat Interval workouts around the Sheep Meadow in Central Park Fall 1971

Purple & Gold Sports spotlight on the great Arthur "Kokomo" Clarke January 1972

Lynch Sean

Power Track collage

TC_CVD381_OCT 1971

Br. Thomas Smith with unknown courtesy Tom Cullen

Matt Centrowitz, Arthur Clark, Pat Rafferty & Benny Greaux. Photo courtesy of Arthur Clark Spring 1972

1972 Eastern States Mile - Matt & Pat_Ed

1972 Eastern States Mile Matt Centrowitz & Pat Rafferty

Press Release Nov-06-1971

With a 1:50.0 anchor, Bill Dabney helps Boys High break Power Memorial's Queens-Iona meet record for the Two-Mile Relay. 1972

Bill Dabney & Boys High break Power Memorial's Queens-Iona meet record 1972

Arthur Clark talking with Br. Bielen at the Armory February 1972 Photo courtesy of Tom Cullen

Copy of Scan10065a
McGeary Kevin R

Br Bielen, Jeff Snaggs, Tom Cully & Matt Centrowitz 1972 Photo courtesy of Tom Cullen

1972 photo curtesy of Tom Cullen

Br. Bielen 1972 courtesy of Tom Cullen

1972 courtesy of Tom Cullen

Arthur Clark 1972 courtesy of Tom Cullen

Matt Centrowitz (4:16.9) and Vince Cartier (4:17.3) compete in the mile run at the 102nd Engineers Armory. NYU Meet February 12, 1972

Jeff Snaggs & Darryl Everett at the 1972 Penn Relays courtesy of Tom Cullen

Bill Vosilla Hurdles 1972 courtesy of Tom Cullen

(probably) 1972 Hugh Mighty (LaSalle) Butch Carey (Boys High) Benny Greaux (Power) & Errol Thorton (Jackson) on a cinder track. Special thanks to Anthony Callendar (John Adams HS) & The Boys High Track Team, Brooklyn NY for making this photo available.

Murname Gerard E
Copy of Scan10028

1972 courtesy of Tom Cullen

1972 courtesy of Tom Cullen

1972 courtesy of Tom Cullen

Brian Johnston courtesy of Tom Cullen

Benny Greaux 1972 courtesy of Tom Cullen

Brian Johnston 1972 courtesy of Tom Cullen

Br. Binkley with a group of Freshman 1972 courtesy of Tom Cullen

Copy of Scan10034

Kevin McGeary, Ed Jennings and others could be '71 or '72

Palladini WIlliam
Copy of Scan10059

could be '71 or '72

Summer Track Camp 1972. Who can find Mike Demko? courtesy Mike Hogan

Matt Centrowitz Fall 1971

1971 CHSAA Cross Country Champions

Summary of 1971 Cross Country Season

Br. Bielen accepts winning coach trophy from Joe Fox for 1971 CHSAA Cross Country

Collage of news clippings 1971-1972

Powers Thomas J

Br. Bielen accepts 1972 Indoor CHSAA City Championship Trophy as Pat Rafferty, Arthur Clark, Matt Centrowitz, and Benny Greaux look on

1972 Arthur Jackson 2nd Place at CHSAA Indoor Champs 100y Dash_D_NEW

Arthur Jackson 2nd Place 100y Dash 1972 Indoor CHSAA City Championships

1972 Yearbook Page 015 MASTER pic 01

Junior Matt Centrowitz anchors winning Sprint Medley Relay at Madison Square Garden - 1972

1971-1972 Indoor Recap

1971-1972 Indoor Season Summary

Arthur Clark 1st Place - 600 Yard Run 1972 NYU Meet

Meet record in the DMR at the 1972 CHSAA Relay Carnival

Daryl Everett 300 Yard Dash

Rafferty Patrick E

PMA and CHSAA record holder in the hurdles, now coaching, Marty Nevrla.

Greg Little and Rich Zayas pass the stick

Pat Rafferty 1971-1972 Team Captain

Benny Greaux 1971-1972 Team Captain

1972 CHSAA 880-Yard Relay Champions

Greg Little

John Redgrave

Seniors 1971-1972

Juniors 1971-1972

Smith Stephen D

Sophomores 1971-1972

Freshman 1971-1972

Freshman 1971-1972

Binkley J Michael 1972_YrBk_FSE_021
Smith Thomas J 1972_YrBk_FSE_033

Jose B. Rivera

Snaggs Jeffrey D
Vosilla William A
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