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1972 - 1973 Photo Gallery

Power 1973

1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg022 Pic01
Ed Jennings_0129

1972-1973 Certificate of Award

4:02.7 Power's Matt Centrowitz Number 1 High School Miler in the USA (1973) 1974 New York State Scholastic Yearbook published by Marc Bloom

1973-05-06 NYDN Greg Little Picture B

Greg Little 1973 NY Relays

Matt Centrowitz (Power Memorial) finishes ahead of Chris Horton (Rochester-McQuade) & Dave Sandridge (Parkdale) to win the 1973 Golden West Invitational Mile.

Ed Jennings_0130

Certificate of Award 1973

1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg126 Pic03
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg127 Pic02
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg127 Pic05
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg128 Pic01
1973_YrBk_FSE_pg129 Pic 03
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg130 Pic 01 Composite
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg128 Pic03b
Matt_SJU 1972b

Matt Centrowitz, of Power Memorial Academy, won the 1972 St. John’s University high school cross country race held at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. (Mary DiBiase Blaich for The New York Times)

1973_YrBk_FSE_pg129 Pic 02

1972 Eastern States Championship at Van Cortland Park Matt Centrowitz among the leaders entering the Cow Path. The guy on the left, Dave Sandridge, won the race in 12:20 breaking Marty Liquori's course record. Matt finished 2nd running a CHSAA course record time of 12:24.5. Ironically, Matt also finished 2nd in the 1971 Eastern States Cross Country Championship to another Maryland harrier, Gordon Oliver.

1973_YrBk_FSE_pg129 Pic 04
1973_YrBk_FSE_pg129 Pic 05
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg127 Pic04

Matt Centrowitz 1972 CHSAA NY/BX Sectional Championships 1974 New York State Scholastic Yearbook published by Marc Bloom

1972 Cross Country Bill Dailey

1972 CHSAA JV XC City Championships Individual Champion: Bill Dailey Team Champion: Power Memorial

1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg127 Pic01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg126 Pic04
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg126 Pic01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg130 Pic 02 Composite
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg127 Pic03
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg126 Pic02
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg128 Pic02
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg133b Pic07
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg133b Pic06
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg133b Pic04
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg133b Pic05
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg133b Pic03
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg133b Pic02
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg133b Pic01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg030 Pic01_edited
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg131 b Pic01 Composite
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg132 Pic04
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg132 Pic03
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg131 Pic 04 Composite master a
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg131 Pic 03 Composite master a

John Novak & Arthur Stolba at the Armory 1973

1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg010 Pic01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg130 Pic 04 Composite
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg131 b Pic02 Composite
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg130 Pic 03 Composite
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg132 Pic02
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg132 Pic01

Arthur Stolba en-route to a 9:44 clocking in the Eddy Two-Mile Run held in Schenectady, NY on May 19, 1973

Chris Ryan (Farrell) & Bill Dabney (Boys High) in pursuit of Matt Centrowitz on the anchor leg of the 1973 Queens-Iona Relays Distance Medley held at St. John's University on April 21, 1973. Did you know Bill Dabney defeated Centrowitz in the mile at the 1973 Indoors Mayors Cup Meet 4:13.6 to 4:14.0. In this race Centrowitz was clocked in 4:14.9 for Power DMR win in10:16.2. Dabney ran 4:16.9 for a Boys High 2nd place finish. Thanks to Anthony Callender (John Adams HS) & Boys High Track Team

1973-05-20_Eddy Meet Recap
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg110 Pic03

Matt Centrowitz at "The Armory" 1973

1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg110 Pic02

Prep stars and future Olympians, Matt Centrowitz (8:56.2) and Craig Virgin (8:41.0) compete in a Two Mile run at the International Prep Invitational June 1973

1973 Track & Field News Two Mile Run
1974 NYS Scholastic Yearbook Centro 1500
Track N Field News June 1973 Mix 1

Track & Field News High School Report June 1973

Track N Field News July 1973 Mix

Track & Field News High School Report July 1973

1973-04-25 Dabney Centrowitz Daily_News_Wed__Apr_25__1973_

Power's Matt Centrowitz & The High's Bill Dabney 1973 NY Relays Promo

1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg140 Pic 01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg021 Pic01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg110 Pic01

Freshman Maurice Weaver at VCP Fall 1972

1973_YrBk_FSE_pg129 Pic 01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg135b Pic01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg105 Pic01b
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg004 Pic01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg135 Pic 02 Composite
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg135 Pic 03 Composite
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg135 Pic 05 Composite
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg134 Pic 01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg033 Pic01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg140 Pic 02
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg140 Pic 03
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg140 Pic 04
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg111 Pic01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg140 Pic 05
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg141 Pic01
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg141 Pic02
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg141 Pic03
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg141 Pic04
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg134 Pic 02
1973_YrBk_FSE_Pg390b Pic 01
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